Vice Admiral Momsen, Honors and Awards

US_Legion_of_Merit_Officer.pngLegion of Merit, and a Gold Star in lieu of a second Legion of Merit, with Combat:  "For exceptionally meritorious Commander Submarine Squadron Two...With unfailiing patience and a careful analysis of the faulty performance of submarine torpedo exploders which resulted in an alarming number of duds occuring in attacks by submarines of this force, (he) personally supervised an investigation to determine the weaknesses of the exploder in use and, correlating his own ideas with those submitted by others, succeeded in developing a vastly improved exploder which insured efficienty of our submarines in subsequent actions.  During one experimental phase of the program when a war shot torpedo fired into a cliff failed to explod, he unhesitatingly, and at great risk of life, entered the water and assisted in the recovery of this live torpedo for further examination..."

Gold Star in lieu of second Legion of Merit:  "for...outstanding Commander Submarine Squadron Two from February to November 1943, and as Commander Submarine Squadron Four from November 1943 to May 1944, with additional duty as Chief of Staff, Commaner Training Command, Submarine Forces, United States Pacific Fleet, from November 1943 to April 1944...(He) was responsible in a large way for the success of Squadron Two and Four in completing many war patrols in enemy waters and in sinking many thousands of tons of hostile shipping..."

NavyCross.pngNavy Cross:  "For extraordinary heroism as Commander of a Coordinated Attack Group of Submarines operating in the enemy Japanese-controlled waters of the East China Sea.  A master of submarine warfare, (he) evolved a doctrine of attack whereby submarines could be organized into an attack group capaable of operating deep in enemy-controlled waters while maintaining full striking power...The submarines under his command sank five Japanese ships totaling over 38,000 tons and damanaged eight ships totaling 63,000 tons..."



NavyDistinguishedServiceMedal.pngArmyDistinguishedServiceMedal.pngDistinguished Service Medals:  For the design and development of the Momsen Lung: During the early stages of its (the Lung's) design and development he...courageously, repeatedly and voluntarily risked his life in conducting experiments of a nature such that there was a little or no information available as to their probably later results.  In the later tests of the device, when escapes were made from USS S-4 submerged to depths as much as 206 feet, he was not only the first person to venture the escape but also the leading and guiding spirit in all subsequent ones..."

Distinguished Service Medal by the War Department (both Army and Navy), and cited as follows:  "(He) performed exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service in Japan from November 1945 to Ocrober 1946.  He directed the shipping of the Japanese Civilian Merchant Marine in repatriating nearly six million people.  He provided for the proficient training of Japanese crews, and resourcefully integrated United States and Japanese shipping into an effective organization which insured the safe and expeditions return of millions of displaced persons to their homes..."

Letters of Commendation:  "From the President of the United States and the Secretary of the Navy for his development of the new compression tables, air mixtures, and rescrure of the crew of the USS Squalus.  He also received a letter of commendation from the Commander Fifth Fleet, with authorization to wear the Commendation Ribbon and and Combat "V" for outstanding service while in command of USS South Dakota durign the support of the assault operations on Okinawa from 14 March to 14 May 1945."

World War I Victory MedaWW1VictoryMedal.pngl, Escort Clasp





AmericanDefenseServiceMedal.pngAmerican Defense Service Medal, Fleet Clasp





AsiaticPacificCampaignMedal.pngAsiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal





AmericanCampaignMedal.pngAmerican Campaign Medal





WWIIVictoryMedal.pngWorld War II Victory Medal





NavyOccupationServiceMedal.pngNavy Occupation Service Medal, Asia Clasp





NationalDefenseServiceMedal.pngNational Defense Service Medal





PhilippineLiberationRibbon.pngPhilippine Liberation Ribbon with one Bronze Star